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Introduction brings you way how to make money with sporting bets. You find here all resources needed to be always winner while sport betting. With arbitrage betting there is no way to loose. This is risk free betting resource page.

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Making Money Online Betting Using Arbitrage & Spread Betting

Want to be able to make money from betting online? You have come to the right place! At Lay My Bet you will learn how to make money from 3 different ways of gambling online - Matched Betting, Arbitrage Betting and Spread Betting.

UPDATE: We have just added an exclusive free program to the website - this program automatically displays arbitrage betting opportunities from 44 online bookmakers on one page! This program can be used by people doing matched betting or arbitrage betting, who don't have the time or patience to be able to search for these opportunities themselves! Go to our Matched Betting page to use this program.
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Matched Betting

Matched betting is when you join an online bookmakers' to take advantage of their free-bet, or sign-up promotion/bonus. You learn how to make a qualifying bet at no risk, enabling you to use the bookmakers' free bet, which is then turned into around 95% profit. Make Money From Matched Betting Here

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is when you make a bet at a bookmakers with odds that are higher than the odds to lay that bet at the betting exchanges. This enables you to guarantee a profit from simply backing an event at the bookmakers', and laying this same bet at the betting exchange. Make Money From Arbitrage Betting Here

Spread Betting

It is possible to make money from spread betting use a combination of the methods above. You can make spread bets at various different spread betting firms to guarantee no-losses, enabling you to qualify for a free bet at a specific spread-betting firm. You can also find arbitrage opportunities, where you can guarantee a profit from finding good-value spread-bets. Make Money From Spread Betting Here


Please note: When I say that I use betting systems to make money from betting online, they aren't the kind of betting systems that you are probably used to. The 'systems' that I use are free of charge to use, and simply involve the use of a basic calculator program which is available to download free. The 'system' is quite well known and will probably take a few hours to fully understand.

Start Making Money Free From Online Betting

Towards the top of the page you should see tabs containing headings related to betting. Each tab contains a page dedicated to making money from betting on the Internet. So far you can make money by doing matched betting (betting at normal online bookmakers), you can make money from spread betting online (using spread betting firms), arbitrage betting (combination of bookmakers and spread-betting firms), and we also have a page dedicated to gambling and betting systems. The download page contains some useful programs to help you along the way, and the resources page contains some other useful links that get mentioned on the site.
Everything on this 'make money from betting' website is completely free, and this information is usually sold on sites like eBay for at least £20!